Awesome Adwords Adcopy Tips | Creating PPC Ads With High CTR

Adwords AdCopy TipsI just came across an awesome post from GoogleLady full of great tips on improving your ad copy.

These small changes to your Adwords Ads and other Pay Per Click Ads can bring a much higher Click Through Rate (CTR) and conversion ratio, consequently increasing your profit margins.

I’m personally going to keep that post very handy and use it to help me brainstorm when writing my ads. I’ve used most of these techniques at some point after continuous experimentation, but it’s often hard to remember them all when I’m sat there trying to write my ad.

There was one subtle change in there which I had not thought of before…

  • Using "Change" instead of "Changes". For example:

    – Secret PowerShake: Change Your State of Mind.
    is more effective than:
    – Secret PowerShake Changes Your State of Mind.

    This can be used with other words like "washes", "cleans", fixes" etc. This will of course vary from campaign to campaign so always test both variations to see which is best.

Click here for the other 30 tips.

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  1. This article is a great find and I’d definitely recommend it to anyone. You pick a particularly good example in your post as changing certain words in an ad, even just slightly, can have a big effect on performance.

    I therefore always recommend that every AdWords Advertiser should have a thesaurus to hand when they are writing ad copy.

    Adrian Key
    Editor of AdWords Adviser, making AdWords more profitable for you.

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