Blog Classroom Shocking Stats | Anik Singal & Rosalind Gardner as Blogging Mentors?

April 30th, 2008

Blog ClassroomI just checked out the Blog Classroom sales page and my gut feeling is that, while it will certainly help people, it is definitely over-priced.

Well at-least it seems that way from the Sales Page. Having not seen the course in full I have no right to comment on how good or bad their course is. This is more a scrutiny of their sales page and how it reflects the content of their course, and not a reflection of the course itself because I have not tried it.

For those that don’t know, Blog Classroom is a course on how to blog run by affiliate marketers Anik Singal and Rosalind Gardner. These two people are without a doubt successful online entrepreneurs, but have they put together a good and valuable course?

Shocking Stats (not in a good way)

The first thing which stood out to me were the stats presented on the Blog Classroom sales page.

Now you expect a $500 course to be run by bloggers that have some awesome traffic stats to show.

  • 20-40 Visitors a Day is not Impressive:
    One stats screenshots shows just 20-40 visitors a day within a month of launch. But anyone can throw up 10 articles on a new blog, do no promotion & get traffic like this- it is not rocket science!

    Can they get 40,000 visitors within the first day of launch? Now that is what you might expect from someone who knows a little bit about blogging.

    Although I’m certainly no 6 figure Guru I consider myself a successful blogger that can launch a blog properly when I want to. Here’s an example of some more impressive stats of the very first blog I launched:
    Blog Launch

    While it was my first blog I had gained a lot of blogging experience as a freelancer.
  • Where’s a successful launch example?
    Now 20-40 visitors/day is a good start for a 100% complete newbie – but it shouldn’t be used on a Sales Page to sell a $500/day course – surely they can show something more impressive than that?
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3 Online Business Models | PPC > CPA, Web 2.0/Article/Blogging & PLR eBook Memberships

April 18th, 2008
Internet Road to Success

When people start out online they become overwhelmed with the noise of potential opportunities.

Ideas start to flow and before you know it your working on several ideas but not really sure of the outcome of any of them and you’ve also spread yourself to thin.

Many people also get sucked into the crusade of finding that one easy method that will make them rich in a few weeks.

That magic pill does not exist and it is the people who spent their time working on one strategy and making it a success that start earning a sizeable income while the dream hunters are left behind.

But Which Business Model Should You Choose?

This can be a hard decision for many, and often people don’t make a decision and drift from idea to idea.

The important thing is that you pick one strategy and work on just that strategy and see it through until you make it work. It won’t happen over-night and it won’t happen if you give up.

If you work on any of the strategies below with an open mind, with dedication and a desire to be successful then you will be able to make a sizeable income online.

As always learning from someone who knows what they are doing (be it through networking or through a paid course) will significantly speed up the time it takes for you to be successful at any of these strategies.

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28 Online Income Methods from

February 12th, 2008

Make Money OnlineI’ve always beleived the key to my online business has been to diversify your income.

There are so many ways to monetize a website I am honestly shocked when people just have Adsense on their site and comlpain that they are not making enough money.

Daniel of has outlined 28 different ways to monetize your website. This is a must read for anyone looking for ways to diversify their income.

The 28 monetization methods are:

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PingBack Spam | WordPress Spam Karma Plugin Tweaks to Block Spammers

February 3rd, 2008
PingBack Spam

Over the past few months the amount of pingback spam I’ve been getting has begun to get out of hand.

What are PingBacks?

A PingBack occurs when another WordPress site links to a post on your own wordpress site. A quote from the post that linked to your site is published as a comment on your site with a link back to the site that linked to you.

(Note: I’ve stated WordPress as that is the most common platform that uses pingbacks, but other blogging platforms use it too.)

Confused – I’ll try and explain again:

  1. Post on Site A Links to a Post on Site B
  2. Site B‘s post displays a quote from the Post on Site A (usually in the form of a comment at the end of the post).

Benefits: Site A gets a free link back and Site B shows the other sites discussing the post.

I Like PingBacks…

You can turn PingBacks off in WordPress but I like to leave PingBacks switched on because:

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Automated Email Marketing using RSS & Autoresponders | Targeted Sales & Lead Generation

January 23rd, 2008
Email Marketing

An Introduction to Email Marketing

Email mailing lists are good for keeping the people most passionate about your website (or niche) updated about new content from your site and other relevant information.

Rather than people having to remember to visit (or simply stumble upon) your site again, they are sent an email directly reminding them of your site (or something else you are promoting).

Great for Retaining Visitors

This direct approach is very good at keeping visitors coming back. Sure some people might not open your email – but you certainly have a much bigger chance of getting them back to your site (or doing whatever else you want them too) by being able to send them a direct email.

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Article Marketing Sucks Until You Apply These Article Promotion Tactics

December 13th, 2007

Article WritingI never did article marketing for a long, long time because I always heard the following things:

  1. If you submit an article to hundreds of directories you’ll be extremely lucky to get 50 daily visitors from it.
  2. If you submit an article to the hundreds of article directories then the backlinks in only one or two of the articles will actually count as Google will discount the other articles as duplicate content.
  3. The people I saw actually doing article marketing made crappy little sites which didn’t have a lot of traffic or didn’t make a lot of money.

This put me off – as far as the many promotional methods I could use article marketing really looked like it SUCKED so i didn’t even bother trying it.

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Affiliate & Article Marketing Guide | Earn $100 a Day in 60 Days

December 1st, 2007

Money WadReaching $100 a day ($3000 a month) often seems like an unreachable target for many.

But it really is possible and not that hard to achieve if you focus and put in the effort.

Here I am going to provide you with an example of how this can be done in 1-2 months working just a few hours each day.

Let’s break it down.

– We’ll promote an affiliate product that pays roughly at least a $25 commission.

– I’m going to pick a real tangible product that is in high demand.

– After looking around the product I choose is a High Definition Television.

– I now look in Amazon’s bestsellers to see what is popular.

– The most popular HDTVs are Samsung models roughly priced between $500 – $2000. Amazon pays a 4% commission on these so if I sold a $1000 TV I’d get $40.

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Awesome Adwords Adcopy Tips | Creating PPC Ads With High CTR

November 30th, 2007

Adwords AdCopy TipsI just came across an awesome post from GoogleLady full of great tips on improving your ad copy.

These small changes to your Adwords Ads and other Pay Per Click Ads can bring a much higher Click Through Rate (CTR) and conversion ratio, consequently increasing your profit margins.

I’m personally going to keep that post very handy and use it to help me brainstorm when writing my ads. I’ve used most of these techniques at some point after continuous experimentation, but it’s often hard to remember them all when I’m sat there trying to write my ad.

There was one subtle change in there which I had not thought of before…

  • Using "Change" instead of "Changes". For example:

    – Secret PowerShake: Change Your State of Mind.
    is more effective than:
    – Secret PowerShake Changes Your State of Mind.

    This can be used with other words like "washes", "cleans", fixes" etc. This will of course vary from campaign to campaign so always test both variations to see which is best.

Click here for the other 30 tips.

Article Title SEO Tips | Perfect Headline For Search Engine Traffic

November 29th, 2007

BillBoard Title HeadlineA Good title for every article on your site is hugely important for driving long term search engine traffic.

It literally can be the difference between getting no visitors and getting thousands of visitors a month to individual articles.

If your site already has some love from Google (i.e. a decent amount of backlinks) then landing most of your articles in the top 10 of Google should come easily just through optimizing your titles.

If you don’t optimize your titles you are missing out on lots of regular traffic!

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Get Millions of Visitors From YouTube | A TechCrunch Guide

November 24th, 2007

YouTube ThumbsI recently posted some tips on how to use video to make money online and promote your website.

One method was posting your videos on sites like YouTube. However, simply posting is not enough.

You want to make sure your video gets as many views as possible to promote your message/brand and/or generate traffic/sales on your website.

TechCrunch has published a brilliant guide on how to increase your exposure on sites like YouTube, possibly into the millions.

Read it here.